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Self-Publishing & Marketing your Ebooks




Have you ever uploaded a book and and then nothing happens, like your books is invisible. Or was your book doing well and all of a sudden everything falls appart and sales frop down. If any of these has happened to you, this means that you have to put extra effort on the marketing part or hire a professional to do that.


The first steps to prevent the following to happen is to take advantage of family and friends, be active tell them, share your book, gift some copies of the book. Very imnportant to benefit from these sales is to educate your friends and family and your author platform (thruough your blog, facebook, twitter, etc) how they can read your Kindle ebooks. A lot of people still think that they need to have a Kindle device to read Kindle books. Direct them to this page for free KINDLE SOFTWAREs available on the Amazon website. This way when you gift the book, people will know exactly how to open it read it and leave a review for you. Not getting at least five 5 star reviews on the first day, shows some serious laziness on your side. Get yourself together and arrange at least 5 people that will buy and review your book the first day. (We will take a deeper look at getting reviews in the blog posts).



So we made the leap through the first sales, now you are rich… NO look at your book as it is a flower. You have to take regular care of it, otherwise it is going to die. The same story with your book. If you don’t take constant care of its mareting it will go down. A good marketing way to sustainable results is to create promotional discounts of your book. Also when you have more than one book, you must add links to your other work mention how great your other book is and how valuable it will be for your readers. Building loyal readers is essential. Just like in any other business the best clients are the loyal ones. Give them the best expirience once and they will definetely come back for more.


You should start thinking about marketing at the same time that you have an idea for a new book. You have to clear your niche. This is essential, there is not such thing as a product or ebook that is for everyone and that everyone should like it. In marketing language this means that NO ONE WILL LIKE IT. You have to know who is your one key reader. That person that really needs your book and will really enjoy it. Envision your one key reader. You have to know who will read your book, before you have written it.

These are the 3 basic categories of the ebook marketing process. Take care of all of them and your book will be doing well. But don’t forget to write a great book at first place and then get it an amazing, astonishing, eye-catchy, attention grabbing cover, so people notice your book. Keep an eye on the upcoming articles, they will have very detailed information on each topic of the marketing process of your ebook.