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Ebooks vs Print Books – or Why You Should Choose Self-Publishing Your Books as Ebooks

Hello fellas,



Welcome to the world of ebooks. Ebooks have been essential part of my life for quite a while now. And I am creating this blog, in order to help the many talanted authors that I have worked with as a designer, to get the best out of their ebooks. I want to point some great advantages of self-publishing versus wasting your time trying to get a traditional publisher. This is what this blog is all about, Self-Publishing & Marketing your Ebooks.


Ebooks vs Print Books Round 1 

Owing to a multitude of benefits, the traditional books are facing decline. With the travel advantages, easy virtual storage, basket bargain prices, reading speed, font adjustments, light adjustments, night reading abilities; e-Books are like adding more power to yourself.

Travel: If you are one of the frequent travels, you might be aware about the heaviness of the regular title. With e-Books, it is not about carrying only one book, rather carrying a whole library.

Storage: No need to buy extra fancy storage shelves or corners, a regular PC, your smart Phone and superb e-Book readers like Kindle. Furthermore, an added advantage of keeping backup over the web.

Price: Because of the low production costs the ebooks, especially the self published ones are much more price competitive than the large publisher’s print books.

Speed: The reward for owing an e-book is instantaneous. Easy delivery and further enhanced reading ability.


I have to say that I love print books, they just smell so nicely and feel so good. But to be honest it is way more easy and fun to read an ebook. The epub or mobi formats give you full control over the appearance of the ebook, the fonts, the colors, the spacing btween the lines (this one is my favourite I never loose a line anymore), turning the pages is so fast, no need of booksmarks, clickable table of contents and many more.

Kindle e-reader kobo

Still have doubts?


Ebooks vs Print Books Round 2

Let’s talk about numbers.

Referring to the recent report postulated by Entertainment and Media Outlook, it has been predicted, by 2017 the sales of e-Book will exponentially rise to $8.2 billion, surpassing the sales figures of print books. Amazon is already selling more ebooks than any of the print books format (29% of all of their book sales). I know what you are thinking right now.. ” I want a piece of that, I want in NOW”, then you are at the right place.


All the advantages of an ebook come from the fact that, unlike the traditional paper books, there are no printing costs, publishing costs, distributional costs, storage costs. With a small money investment (yes you need to invest if you want to create a good product) you can compete back to back with the biggest name in the publishing industry. eBook Advisor you will help you with every step of the process of self publishing. How to get your ebook in the best shape:

  • Editing

  • Formatting

man doing ebook marketing

  • Using technology

  • Cover Design

  • Launching Strategies

  • Distribution

  • Marketing

Sounds cool, right?


Ebook Advisor is here with the mission to help you become from writer struggling to make sales into a successful writer selling hundreds of books each month. Because being a successful author is not an easy task to be honest. It will take time and effort, but if you take care of each of the above steps, if you have paid a good editor to enhance your book, a quality graphic designer to do your cover (readers do judge a book by its cover, turst me), if the interior of the book is done properly and you have a launching strategy and a marketing plan, you can get  a nice place on the best selling author’s list.

So you got the picture why ebooks are better than print books, both for reading and publishing. As has happened to any industry that has been transformed by the internet revolution, remember the recent change that happened to the music industry, it is completely transformed now and no one has ever imagined that things will go this way, but they did. Same thing is happening to the BOOKS MARKET. Ebooks are the future and no matter whether we want it or not they will be the majority of books in the near future.

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Please follow me on facebook and twitter and keep an eye for some valuable tips comming every week. The tips will be devided in 3 categories:

Self Publishing – here you will be updated with the latest trends of the market all the new statistics, devices and software that is coming to help you getthe best of your ebook. This section will help you build better marketing strategy, you have to know the rules before you can win the game.


Marketing – here I will cover everything from how to make your first sale to advanced strategies for maintaining solid sales consistantly.


Design – a lot of tips about thecover design, what to avoid and some sucessful approaches that you should consider when thinking of the cover.


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