wooden law gave on pile of colorful book

Remember that, the first impression of your book is determined by the cover. This is essential, if the first thing that people see from your book is not good, there is no chance they will even take a look at the book. And the chances of them even considering buying the book are ZERO. So you have to make sure to dress your book with the best possible cover that you can affort of course, you don’t want to get broke from the cover design and then have no money for marketing or anything else. I will give
some tips on how to get the best for your cash in the blog posts.

So the first part of the first impression is done. Now what? No one buys a book just for the cover. You have to write a catchy description and blurb, so people can be hooked by your book. Even after that we reach the point where readers start considering buying your book. One more essential part of the first impression are the reviews. This will be more detaily viewed in the marketing section how to create a nice base of initial reviews, so you can hook new readers.

The design section won’t stop just on the cover, you gotta have a good product, both on the outside and the inside. Your book has to look good and read easy. It has to be formatted very well and professionally coverted to epub and mobi, so

 everything looks at its best, text flows nicely, chapters begin at new pages, images come when they should, etc.

E-Book Reader with Novel on Screen

As a conclusion I want to say that 1/3 of your success is the design part, so make sure you take care of that part well.